Areca Palm Care Light

Areca Palm Care Light. They prefer bright light with occasional direct sun. Do not allow the plant to sit in water.

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens Areca Palm Indoor air
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens Areca Palm Indoor air from

With areca palms, you'll breathe easy because they filter and clean the air. One aspect of the areca palm plant care we need to take into consideration is how much water to give it. According to doctor wolverton’s research in the nasa clean air study, the areca palm has the eighth best formaldehyde removal rate for plants.

In Addition, It Can Also Serve As A Humidifier.

Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, causing them to turn yellow. Areca palm needs bright, indirect light to full sun. Light for an areca palm:

Areca Palm Care Guide Light.

If the plant receives a plentiful amount of light, its fronds and foliages may burn and turn yellow. The areca palm is extremely effective at cleaning the air that is in your home. The best approach for this palm is therefore to meet it half way.

Where To Keep The Plant:

They prefer bright light with occasional direct sun. Thrives in low light conditions. Areca palm needs bright light to thrive, but not too much.

Creamy White Flowers Emerge That Give Way To Small, Bright Orange Ornamental Fruits.

The fronds of an areca wilt when they need water but quickly perk up. It is best to place this palm in a location that can expose it to indirect sunlight. Areca palms need at least 8 hours of bright light each day.

Bright Light But No Direct Sunlight.

Place your potted areca plant indoors in bright, indirect sunlight, only water it when the soil has partly dried, and feed occasionally. However, recent studies showed that the plant is actually closely related to other dypsis species of its naive madagascar and so was renamed dypsis lutescens. When suckers are removed, the stems sometimes resemble a bamboo.

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