Can I Cover My Ac Unit In The Winter

Can I Cover My Ac Unit In The Winter. In fact, many manufacturers recommend against it, because it creates a warm space for critters and causes condensation, which can lead to early corrosion. If you have a frozen unit, it means that your outside unit is freezing over and not thawing out.

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You won't need your air conditioning unit during the winter unless you live in a climate where it gets hot in the winter '97 so why not cover it up for protection from the elements? If you decide to cover your ac during winter, opt for covering the top only. Falling leaves as well as snow and ice can get into the condensing unit and cause damage.

One Thing To Remember Is That Most Manufacturers Don’t Recommend Covering The Outdoor Unit.

The answer is not as simple as yes or no. If you have a frozen unit, it means that your outside unit is freezing over and not thawing out. However, you still may benefit from covering your unit in advance of a major storm.

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If You're Concerned About Leaves And Debris Getting Inside The Housing, Short Covers Are Available As An Optional.

So how should you cover an air conditioner for winter? There are pros and cons to both sides and each contractor will. Covering the unit is not necessary, especially if you have a heat pump that runs all year long.

The Consensus Is That If You Have An Air Conditioner Not In Use In The Winters, There Is No Harm In Covering It To Prevent Dust And Debris From Accumulating.

If you don’t feel like removing a whole ac unit and sealing off the window, the other good option is to seal a window air conditioner for the winter. However, as you never know what can happen, purchasing an ac unit cover can help to prevent the unexpected. When deciding whether to cover your ac unit, your location and the local weather matter significantly.

In Fact, Many Manufacturers Recommend Against It, Because It Creates A Warm Space For Critters And Causes Condensation, Which Can Lead To Early Corrosion.

However, a frozen ac unit outside is not the result of a bad weather condition but of more complex technical issues. It’s all fun and games until they start chewing on wires and other components. If you live somewhere hot enough in the summer to merit having an ac unit but not cold enough in the winter to have snow you can probably get away with not covering the unit.

We Recommend This Outdoor Cover For Your Air Conditioner:

The answer is, yes it does! This means the unit's fan can better control the air flow across the coil. Covering the top of the ac will deter rodents and other small animals from turning the unit into their new home.

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