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Corn Plant Care Outside. The plants do need a fair amount of water. Find a spot in your home where the ambient temperature remains between 65f and 78f during the day and night and keep the plant away from direct sunlight.

Corn Plant Care Outdoors Tricheenlight
Corn Plant Care Outdoors Tricheenlight from

The dracaena corn plant (botanical name: It grows on stalks with foliage that resembles the corn plant, thus its common nickname of “corn plant”. Water when the top inch of soil is partly dry and feed every 3 weeks in the growing season.

Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana) Is A Well Known Indoor Plant Which Is Grown In Many Homes And Offices Within The Us, Uk And Europe.

Corn plants do best in bright indoor locations protected against direct sunlight, drafts, and air conditioning and heating vents. Purchase corn plant (dracaena fragrans massangeana) from your local florist. Plant corn seeds two weeks after your final frost date for optimal growth.

Mature Plants May Produce Fragrant Yellow Flowers.

Between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit ; What the corn plant needs: High concentrations of fluoride damage the leaves.

Frankly Speaking, These Plants Require Little Care And Maintenance.

Corn plant, also known as fragrans/fragrant dracaena or cornstalk dracaena, is the solid green variety of the dracaena family. When repotting these plants, be very careful not to damage the root system. I first bought this plant about 5 months ago because i needed something to fill an huge, vertical, empty space in the house, and it has grown considerably since.

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Water When The Top Inch Of Soil Is Partly Dry And Feed Every 3 Weeks In The Growing Season.

An important note is that all types of corn plants are poisonous, thus requiring you to keep these plants away from children and pets. To care for the corn plant grow it in loose, moist potting soil that has good drainage. Indoor corn plant care instructions :

This Is Because Most Corn Plant Types Have A Reputation For Not Needing A Lot Of Water.

You can put corn plants outdoors during the summer if they are in a sheltered, somewhat shady location. It grows on stalks with foliage that resembles the corn plant, thus its common nickname of “corn plant”. The plant’s name has its origins in greek:

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