How To Care For A Poinsettia After Christmas

How To Care For A Poinsettia After Christmas. They’re commonly used to decorate the home at christmas. Check out 1000+ results from across the web

How to Care for Poinsettias After the Holidays Birds and
How to Care for Poinsettias After the Holidays Birds and from

Simply stick it in a closet or cover with a large box every evening and then return the plant to its sunny window during the. The plants will enter a dormancy period and will begin to lose leaves—this is normal. Here's how to care for your poinsettia plants properly:

Check Out 1000+ Results From Across The Web

You can start planting poinsettia outdoors after all chance of frost has passed. How to care for poinsettias after christmas: Despite your best efforts, your poinsettia will likely drop most of its leaves by march or april.

Allow The Soil To Dry Moderately Between Waterings So That The Roots Don’t Stand In Water.

The reason why many poinsettias die almost as soon as they are gifted for christmas is because they were kept in inappropriate conditions where they were sold. Keep it watered and in a sunny location. How to care for a poinsettia after christmas.

Once That Happens, Cut It Back To 6 To 8 Inches Tall.

For those home gardeners who enjoy a challenge, it is possible to get the poinsettia to bloom again next season. After christmas care for poinsettias. It is important to get information first on how to grow healthy plants indoors and outdoors.

Any Sort Of Exposure To Light Can Delay The Blooming Process.

For the holidays, place your poinsettia in bright, indirect light. Toss the poinsettia when you grow tired of it or it becomes unattractive. Make sure your plant receives at least six hours of bright, ideally indirect, sunlight each day.

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How To Keep Poinsettia Plants Alive To Bloom Again Next Year.

It doesn’t take much to keep them living longer. As potted plants, they can last for much longer than just the holidays, with proper care. Place your poinsettia in a warm, sunny window that isn’t exposed to many drafts.

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