How To Cover A Black Eye Up

How To Cover A Black Eye Up. For violet tones, you need yellow. Wait until any swelling goes down before using concealer.

MAKEUP SFX Black Eye / Bruising YouTube
MAKEUP SFX Black Eye / Bruising YouTube from

Here's how to cover up a black eye with makeup: There are other methods that may help to reduce the appearance of a black eye. How to cover up a black eye.

You Need To Study The Tones That Make Up Your Black Eye And Your Goal Is To Neutralize The Unwanted Tones And Then Brighten Around The Eye.

Here's how to cover up a black eye with makeup: It’s not really a problem if the bruise is limited to the area around the eye. These few easy steps will serve as a guide for you to cover your black eye with absolutely no difficulty.

Apply A Face Serum Or Moisturizer.

As with cold compresses or ice, you can apply the heat for up to 20 minutes at a time. Also, if the black eye has an open wound, concealing it is futile. Slapping a concealer on a freshly bruised face will only make it more noticeable.

Here's What You Need To Do.

Gently apply arnica to the bruise and let it soak in. If say, the bruise is ready for concealment, follow our step by step guide on how to cover up a black eye using makeup: Wash and cleanse your face gently.

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Rub on some moisturizer, and wait five or ten minutes for it to soak in before beginning the makeup eye cover process. In today's video i will be showing you how to cover a black eye using makeup! Liquid concealer is ideal for seamlessly blending and concealing.

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Wait Until Any Swelling Goes Down Before Using Concealer.

While makeup is certianly your best bet given that the wedding is in a few days you could speed up the healing of a black eye by using a warm compress (try putting rice in a sock and microwaving it for a minute or two, make sure its not too hot!). You can’t just spread regular concealer all over the bruise. Best to let the open wound heal first before covering it up with makeup.

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