How To Cover Bad Concrete Patio

How To Cover Bad Concrete Patio. Before beginning your project be sure and read through these pages for additional information, particularly on the subjects of finishing and curing. As calikym noted, it needs a power wash to get the moss off of it.

How To Cover Bad Concrete Patio Tricheenlight
How To Cover Bad Concrete Patio Tricheenlight from

I would like to cover the concrete. Get instant quality results now! Try taking the gc to court to get your money back.

Keep The Surface Damp With Periodic Use Of A Garden Hose Or Wet Sheets And Blankets.

It was broomed pretty rough for an 'outdoor' patio. I would like to cover the concrete. Get instant quality results now!

If The Concrete Area Needs Frequent Sweeping, Grass Or Ground Cover Growing Between The Cracks Will Make This More Difficult.

Set the pavers on top of the paver base. The concrete has cracked in several places. If you want to keep the concrete, but do something a bit different, please see the photos below.

Use Tile To Cover A Concrete Patio.

One is, you could grind or polish the surface which would remove the rough broom finish and smooth the surface of the concrete. If you are using a sledgehammer, remember to let it fall onto the concrete patio. Cover your plain concrete patio with mexican saltillo tile to give it a face lift and create a southwestern ambiance

It Is Also A Good Way To Cover Up Peeling Paint, Slight Chipping And Discolored Concrete.

Lifting will make the concrete easier to fracture and break. The house is 10 years old and the concrete has several large cracks in both the screened area and the patio. I pour some of the mix on the primed concrete and start troweling a thin layer across the surface.

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Want A More Permanent Cover Up Idea?

Spread a coat of paver base on the patio, leaving about 8 inches of the perimeter of the patio free of the paver base. And a couple more hours to seal it. I think the concrete looks pretty good.

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